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Notice about the PARGENSO website

Due to the Camp Fire of November 8th the facilities of the Paradise Genealogical society have been substantially damaged and are not able to provide the help or the research to our patrons, friends, and visitors. 

We are grateful and appreciative to the to the many visitors to this site and we hope to have it returned to a responsive condition as soon as possible. But at this time we do not know when that will be. It is the desire of the society to be back in business as soon as feasible.  Please check in from time to time to follow our progress and possibly be of help to our regrowth

Thanks for your support.

Paradise Genealogy Society Updates:

1/18/2019--A general meeting was held at the "Daughters of the Golden West- Annie Bidwell Parlor" yesterday, 1/17/2019. The Address is: 965 Salem St., Chico. We will be holding our meeting at the Parlor on the 3rt Thursday of the month until further notice. We thank the ladies of the Parlor for their generosity.

An election of officers was held. Because of the confusion and disruption from the fire there were some positions that were not filled. The following positions were filled: President- Ed Wilhelm, 2nd- vice President- Gordon Taylor (membership), 1st Vice- President-vacant (speakers), Corresponding Secretary (vacant), Recording Secretary (vacant), Treasurer- Danielle Wanchek, Librarian- Carol Sutherland,4 directors at large are open.

Up dates from the committees about fire and recovery issuers were presented:

Insurance: Paper work to proceed with State site clean-up protocol was approved and was submitted 1/18/2019

Content: Much of the Florence Styles collection has been discovered within the LDS microfilming process of the 1992 period . To reestablish our lost records will require extracting that information and re-posting to a usable style. There is a gap between 1992 to 2016 in the obituaries.  That too would be a re-posting project.

Alternate office/storage space: The search for space to work a small office and storage is ongoing. The need for a public library as we had before is questioned, at least for now.

The flow of work is constantly changing as the issues start to fall into place and the responses become more clear. Up-coming is the act of clearing  the property, then the rebuilding the type of building. A lot of questions to be asked and the balancing of monies.  GT

Paradise Genealogical Society Library - before Nov 8, 2018 Paradise Genealogical Society Library - after Nov 8, 2018
PGS Library before 11/8/2018 PGS Library 11/14/2018 - Photo via CalFire